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Rosemary has served as a Keynote Speaker and top rated Global Facilitator for the distinguished YPO (Young President’s Organization) Forum and Entrepreneur’s Organization. Rosemary was also selected over 200 US trainers as Training Partner of the Year for 100% Client satisfaction by Career Track Seminars.

A thought leader with 20 years of expertise in Innovation, Leadership, and Employee Engagement, Rosemary serves as Global Senior VP, Product, for Innovation Minds, based in Silicon Valley.

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Listen to Rosemary's Latest Podcast on "Peace, Love & Bring a Bat"  (Based on Rosemary's Keynote Presentations on "Leadership, Innovation, Hybrid Work and Survival Skills for Business and Life")

A sampling of Rosemary’s corporate clients includes:

Globant Communications
BP Oil
Procter and Gamble
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
International Women in Coffee
One Communications
Humana Healthcare
Creative Thinkers Conference, Abu Dhabi
World Conference on Creativity, South Africa
Creative Problem Solving Institute, US
The Achievers Program-India
MindCamp, Canada

Rosemary is passionate about helping global professionals; entrepreneurs and business students advance both English proficiency and understanding of North American Business Practices because she has experienced first hand the opportunities and challenges of living and working internationally.



Rosemary Rein ESLKitty Hsu Dana
Health Leader, Strategist and Dot-Connector
September 21, 2016, Kitty Hsu worked with Rosemary in different groups:

“Rosemary Rein is an exceptionally creative thinker and generous advisor on leadership growth. She has the capacity to stimulate creative ideas in others and the skills to partner with colleagues to choreograph approaches to make those ideas a reality. It was a privilege to work with her”

Jack Wolf, PhD, CPT
Learning and Performance Consultant
January 15, 2013, Jack worked with Rosemary in different groups

“Rosemary is a fabulous role model. She inspires the people she comes in contact with to learn, laugh and leave with information and skills that will lead to improved performance and an improved World. She is also an effective leader who motivates her team of trainers to be better people and do better”

Mary Couvillion
Human Resource, Organizational Development Manager at HealthFirst Bluegrass
January 14, 2013, Mary worked with Rosemary in different groups.

Rosemary is not only a result driven and loyal perfectionist but also an inspiring professional. It’s been a real pleasure working together with Rosemary. Rosemary Rein is an innovative, customer focused, achievement oriented and wise team player. Highly organized and strategic thinker and developer. Her background and experience can be an example for everyone. Rosemary is probably one of the best project managers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and one of the smartest as it relates to learning content and understanding customer requirements.
More than 200 ESL English as a Second Language Clients!

“Rosemary is an exceptional teacher, she was able to make me feel comfortable from the first minute. Her pronunciation is impeccable and very easy to understand. In addition, Rosemary always adds something to the lessons, whether it's a story from her past or something related to the news. Fabulous teacher and person, really recommended"
Alessandro, Milan, Italy

I learned a lot with Rosemary in a a very short time. She gives tips and tricks for improving your English fluency and that’s impressive”
Moamen US

“Rosemary is a very beautiful teacher, warm and friendly with great plans for every lesson”
Rudaina, Saudia Arabia

“Rosemary is just a treasure. She’s an expert in training delivery, personnel management, and team leadership. Not only will you be able to practice your English, you will be able to talk about very interesting topics. I highly recommend taking lessons from her”
Lena, Russian Federation

Rosemary Rein ESL

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